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Introduction of tire repair strips
2019-07-17 16:24:25

The tire patch is a strip of colloid used to bond, repair or glue the tire to the tread.

The role of the tire-filling strip: the unique cold-resistant and heat-resistant process formula, with excellent air-tight performance, so that the repaired tire can adapt to various road environments around the clock, effectively improve the wear rate and service life of the tire retreading, and at the same time Refurbished tires and beautiful.


The characteristics of the tire repair strip: good viscosity, strong adhesion, good elasticity, long storage period, stable product performance.

Application: Bonding of tires to the tread, repair or glue.

Vulcanization time: The vulcanization time is 115 ° C for 3 hours (the temperature and pressure are only after the time is reached).

Storage: This product is suitable for storage temperature below 30 degrees, and is protected from light, heat, pressure, moisture and rain.

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