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How to repair tires with film
2019-07-17 16:18:58

1. Clean the holes with an air mold grinder. Choose a tip that will fit the hole in which it leaks. This will roughen the sides and clean the area so that the patches will bond properly when installed.

2. Replace the drill bit on the mold grinder with a grindstone drill bit. Spray "Pre-Buff Cleaner" on the inside of the tire and the patch will be installed. Use a grindstone to clean and roughen the area around the hole (about 2 inches in diameter around the hole). This will give the patch a clean surface to bond with the tire.

3. Spray compressed air to the area. This will remove any dirt or debris generated during the polishing process. It is important to have a clean surface patch fit.


4. Apply the vulcanized cement to the polished inner surface of the tire. This will prevent water from entering the hole and entering the tire tread. Let us stand up until the cement is "sticky".

5. Remove the plastic from the adhesive side of the tire patch. This is the side that touches the inside of the tire.

6. Push the pointed portion of the patch through the hole. The pointed portion should enter the hole from the inside of the tire and be pushed out through the outside. Grab the tip of the patch with a pair of pliers. Pull the pointed portion of the patch from the tread of the tire. This pulls the sticky portion of the patch tightly to the inside of the tire.

7. Use the roller on the inside of the tire patch. This will remove any air bubbles between the adhesive side of the patch and the polished surface. Now seal the patch correctly on the tire.

8. Use a rubber patch sealant on the inside of the tire. You should cover the entire patch and some tires. This ensures absolutely no leaks!

9. Let it dry. It should only take a few minutes. While waiting, use a pair of side cutters (or scissors) and cut the rods of the patch into flush with the top of the tread.

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